Paul Kyegombe is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield in the UK, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture. He lives in Smyrna, GA.

Paul has been drawing pictures since he was a little boy. The rigorous demands of architecture school didn’t stop him from continuing to develop his skill and talent as an artist. While in college, during the summer vacations, Paul honed his skill as an artist by sketching portraits at various tourist venues around the world.

Paul has specialized in the art of skyline painting, creating oil and acrylic paintings that capture the dynamism and energy of a skyline view. He uses vibrant, bold colors and heavy textures in an abstract style, exploring the interaction of color and texture. He has created over 30 skyline paintings of Atlanta plus drawings and paintings of all the other US major cities.

Paul also focuses on creating large scale portraits of historic and iconic personalities using his signature dynamic painting style.

Paul has discovered that the creative process in architecture and art is similar, and seeks to use each discipline to complement the other; both endeavors seek to create works of meaning and beauty.